BLACK INFINITY #3 Body Snatchers!

Alien Control! Alien Possession! Alien Replacement!

“A full-scale alien invasion is always a rather inconvenient and aggravating affair. Uninvited visitors from outer space drop in unannounced with their high-tech war machines and worn-out excuses for planetary conquest, and turn our cities into rubble and our neighbors into ash. It’s enough to make the locals run for cover and call out the National Guard.”

The Body Snatchers issue is now available at AMAZON and, and can be ordered through your local bookstore. It’s packed with weird fact and fiction.  

black infinity 3 cover shot rev


An interview with the editor of Black Infinity conducted by Matt Cowan of Horror Delve:

Horror Delve

Tom English is a man of many talents. Alongside working his full time job as a chemist, he’s also an editor, writes his own uncanny tales, and is the publisher of Dead Letter Press (where he published my first short story, “The Collective of Blaque Reach”). He also shares my love of classic horror fiction, although my knowledge on the subject pales in comparison to his. I often think about how terrific it would be to assemble a group of horror literature experts around a table beside a crackling fire discussing the subject. Tom is one of the people I envision holding a prime seat at this table, aside Ramsey Campbell, David T. Wilbanks and a few others. Recently I’ve had the honor of working with Tom again, as he’s chosen me to pen a movie review column for his newest endeavor Dark Infinity, a journal of weird science…

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